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  • Pizza Margherita
    9.50 VNĐ

    Tuna Niçoise Order

    Chargrilled fresh tuna steak (served medium rare) on classic Niçoise salad with French beans, cherry tomatoes, black olives, peppers, new potatoes, egg, baby gem lettuce and red onion

  • 12.50 VNĐ

    Fish Parmentier

    Cod, haddock, prawn and salmon in a creamy white wine and leek sauce, topped with mash potato and Gruyère cheese

  • Cherry Pie
    13.95 VNĐ

    Escalope de Veau

    Sautéed breaded veal escalope with watercress, lemon and veal jus.

  • Spinach Soup
    10.95 VNĐ

    Chicken and Walnut Salad Should to try

    Chargrilled chicken with avocado, baby gem lettuce, baby spinach, shallots, French beans, walnuts, croutons and a mustard dressing

  • Apple Strudel
    14.50 VNĐ

    Roast Duck Breast Exquisite taste

    Roasted duck breast (served pink) with gratin potato and a griottine cherry sauce

  • 13.50 VNĐ

    Roasted Pork Belly

    Pan roasted pork belly with gratin potato, braised Savoy cabbage, apples, thyme and calvados jus

  • Pizza Margherita
    13.95 VNĐ

    Breton Fish Stew

    Pan roasted haddock fillet wrapped in smoked French bacon with pea purée and tomato and chive vinaigrette

  • Spinach Soup
    12.95 VNĐ


    tuna, red onion, caper, mozzarella, tomato sauce

  • Apple Strudel
    7.50 VNĐ/12.00 VNĐ

    Goats Cheese Salad

    • Small - 7.50 VNĐ
    • Medium - 11.50 VNĐ
    • Large - 12.00 VNĐ

    Warm goats cheese and roasted vegetable salad with black olive tapenade crostini